Blooducation bytes are short recordings designed for primary care physicians and non haematologists, covering common clinical scenarios relating to haematology. They are not intended to be in depth reviews but a ‘real world’ approach to commonly encountered problems and a guide to what can reasonably be done in primary care or in hospital prior to referring the patient to haematology. We hope you find them useful!

Immunoglobulin and SFLC interpretation




Investigation of neutropenia

Common causes and when to refer for a haematology opinion

Anticoagulation reversal

Overview of anticoagulation and antiplatelet reversal for patients with bleeding or who need urgent surgery


How to investigate and management a patient with thrombocytopenia

Folate and B12 deficiency

The diagnosis and management of folate and B12 deficiency

Raised ferritin

An approach to patients with a high ferritin and how to distinguish iron overload from other causes


Working up the patient with a raised haematocrit; true versus apparent, primary versus secondary and appropriate versus inappropriate

Iron deficiency anaemia

Diagnosis and up to date management of iron deficiency anaemia


How to work up a patient with a persistent lymphocytosis on FBC testing


What to look out for and how to manage a patient with a thrombocytosis