Platelet aggregometry and inherited platelet disorders

Familial ITP is very rare so if a FH exists, think about hereditary platelet disorders. Get historical plt counts and bleeding challenge history. Investigations: - FBC, film, coagulation, fibrinogen, von Willebrand screen, malaria screen, haematinics initially. - Platelet function testing – PFA 100 - uses whole blood. 2 cartridges with differing agonists. Read out is… Read More

CAR-T therapy – Dr Sridhar Chaganti

We are just at the start of what many are calling "the CAR-T cell revolution". But what are CAR-T cells, how are they made, who can receive them and what are the draw-backs? Dr Sridhar Chaganti talks to Suzy Morton about haematology's latest breakthrough. CAR-T = Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells; T cells genetically modified… Read More

Patient blood management and iron deficiency – Dr Suzy Morton

Everyone talks about patient blood management but what actually is it? Helen quizzes Dr Suzy Morton on the practical elements of patient blood management, including a run through a practical approach to iron deficiency. Suzy Morton Learning Points: Patient blood management is the multidisciplinary, evidence based approach to care of patients who may need a… Read More