CAR-T therapy – Dr Sridhar Chaganti

We are just at the start of what many are calling "the CAR-T cell revolution". But what are CAR-T cells, how are they made, who can receive them and what are the draw-backs? Dr Sridhar Chaganti talks to Suzy Morton about haematology's latest breakthrough. CAR-T = Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells; T cells genetically modified… Read More

Patient blood management and iron deficiency – Dr Suzy Morton

Everyone talks about patient blood management but what actually is it? Helen quizzes Dr Suzy Morton on the practical elements of patient blood management, including a run through a practical approach to iron deficiency. Suzy Morton Learning Points: Patient blood management is the multidisciplinary, evidence based approach to care of patients who may need a… Read More

Classification and management of myelodysplasia – Dr Manoj Raghavan

Dr Manoj Raghavan speaks to Suzy about the 2016 revised WHO classification of MDS and gives some hints about what is likely to be coming in the revised BSH guideline. Dr Manoj Raghavan Classification – see link below for full definitions. Cytopenias defined as haemoglobin <100g/L, platelet count <100 x109/L, neutrophils <1.8 x109/L. These differ… Read More

Management of acute myeloid leukaemia – Dr Manos Nikolousis

This podcasts have been accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists for 1 continuing professional development (CPD) point per podcast Helen talks to Dr Manos Nikolousis about the management of acute myeloid leukaemia Dr Manos Nikolousis Learning Points: • Remember to consider fertility in work up of young patients. • ELN risk stratification – good,… Read More

Current management of multiple myeloma – Professor Guy Pratt

With so many new therapies for myeloma it can be difficult to keep up. Professor Guy Pratt speaks to Helen about recent changes to diagnosis of myeloma and emerging therapies Professor Guy Pratt Key learning points Diagnosis In addition to symptomatic disease (CRAB) + plasma cells >10% + paraprotein, multiple myeloma can also be defined… Read More

Current management of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia – Dr Helen Parry

Current management of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Helen and Suzy Learning points Diagnosis of CLL: clonal B cell population >5 x 109/L with typical phenotype (CD5+ CD23+, 19+, 20+ FMC7-, weak/- CD79b) <5 x 199/L lymphocytes but same clonal phenotype = Monoclonal B cell Lymphocytosis (MBL) LN or extramedullary involvement but <5 x 109/L lymphocytes =… Read More

Appropriate use of O D neg blood – Dr Suzy Morton

O D negative blood is in demand, and use will always run higher than the proportion of donors, but why is it so crucial to maintain the supply and how can we make sure we are using it wisely? Helen talks to Dr Suzy Morton about the issues. Helen and Suzy O D neg donors… Read More